Rocket Shock 3D


Old school first person shooter



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Rocket Shock 3D is an action-packed FPS (first person shooter) that requires tons of skill. This game shares more than a few similarities with the classic FPSs that came out at the beginning of the century according to Quake 3 Arena.

The game's initial premise consists of fighting robots in different arenas. You can customize your robots with weapons and other gear to fight in teams or against everyone. For this simple yet entertaining game you’ll not only have to move and jump fast, you’ll have to know how to move.

Rocket Shock 3D has great low-poly visuals and colorful and settings that can remind you of Team Fort 2 or Overwatch. It's also a fantastic option for those who want to experience shooters on their Android smartphones.

Android 4.0 or greater is required

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